Cryotherapy is the centuries old process of utilising cold to naturally stimulate the body to heal or reduce pain.

The CryoClinic Pod

Whole body Cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural response to decrease inflammation, pain, spasms and promote healing. It is a non-invasive option for people seeking faster muscle recovery from injury and fatigue. Cryotherapy has for many centuries been a known and trusted method of treatment which is used very successfully today in orthopaedic and sports medicine, trauma surgery, rheumatology and other chronic inflammatory diseases.

CryoClinics has installed the UK’s first Whole Body Cryotherapy pod in a medical facility providing cutting edge recovery technology to promote healing and pain relief.




CryoClinics and BMI Garden Hospital are very happy to announce we’ve been shortlisted for Laing and Buisson 2012 Independent Healthcare Awards in innovation category.

CryoClinics are partnered with BMI Healthcare and technology partner Cryosports.