CryoClinics Ltd was formed in May 2011 by brothers Iain and Gordon Casey, and launched its first installation in the physiotherapy department at BMI The Garden Hospital ( in September 2011.

Managing Director Iain first heard of Whole Body Cryotherapy reading about the Irish rugby union team when Warren Gatland was in charge. Looking to get back involved in sports, he was introduced to Cryosports. With a background in sports science the benefits of WBC in a sporting context were very obvious (see Sports Performance pages), but what struck him most notably was that this treatment was so readily accepted and most importantly available to thousands of patients in Germany and Poland over the last three decades. Almost one year later and after several trips to Germany and Ireland and hours reading through what WBC literature there is CryoClinics was formed.

After learning of the potential benefits that WBC could bring not only to athletes of all abilities seeking to better their performance but also the vast population of people suffering from various chronic inflammatory conditions, we sought a way of bringing this cutting edge technology to the UK.