Case Study 1: Patellar tendonits: Female 40yrs

The patient came for physiotherapy 8 months after been discharged after suffering a fractured fibula and tibia in a skiing accident. Now struggling with severe patellar tendonitis causing constant pain, tenderness and swelling in the knee joint along with very tight quadriceps muscle, her consultant wanted her to consider having her leg put in full plaster to allow complete rest. Being a mother of two small children and working full time, she really wanted to try to avoid the cast……Read more.

Case Study 2: Bi- Lateral Ostearthritis & Post Knee Arthroscopy: Male – 48yrs.

The patient was referred for WBC after changing consultants. He had been previously diagnosed with Grade 4 degeneration to his knee cartilage and had arthroscopy to his left knee to “tidy” up the damage after suffering a tear while out for a Sunday run. His knee rejected the operation and the post-operation inflammation would not go away……..Read more.

Case Study 3: Rheumatoid Arthritis: Female – 56yrs

The patient had a 10 year history of rheumatoid arthritis, experiencing severe pain in both hands, lower back and after a recent fall started to get musculo-skeletal chest pain. The patient had many sessions of physiotherapy over the years with little helping and the experience of living with the pain had taken its toll……Read more.

Case study 4: Psoriasis male 42yrs

The patient came to the clinic after reading about how WBC was used to treat Psoriasis in Poland. Having lived with the condition for over 13 years following… Read more.