Case Study 1: Patellar tendonitis: Female – 40yrs

The patient came for physiotherapy 8 months after been discharged after suffering a fractured fibula and tibia in a skiing accident. Now struggling with severe patellar tendonitis causing constant pain, tenderness and swelling in the knee joint along with very tight quadriceps muscle, her consultant wanted her to consider having her leg put in full plaster to allow complete rest. Being a mother of two small children and working full time, she really wanted to try to avoid the cast.

It was at this stage that the whole body cryotherapy pod had just been installed so it was decided to try it out.

The results were instant. After the first session there was a marked loosening of quadriceps muscle. After the second, she experienced less pain for the first time since the accident. After the third there was no tightness in quadriceps and with a further three treatments all residual swelling and pain had gone and she felt 90% fully recovered. The patient was extremely happy that she had avoided having to have a full leg cast and was able to fulfil all her duties as a mother and part-time worker.