Case Study 2: Bi- Lateral Ostearthritis & Post Knee Arthroscopy: Male – 48yrs.

The patient was referred for WBC after changing consultants. He had been previously diagnosed with Grade 4 degeneration to his knee cartilage and had arthroscopy to his left knee to “tidy” up the damage after suffering a tear while out for a Sunday run. His knee rejected the operation and the post-operation inflammation would not go away. Over a nine month period they had tried draining the knee, prescriptions of anti-inflammatory drugs and numerous physiotherapy appointments but nothing seemed to work. He was still experiencing a lot of pain and the swelling would not dissipate. This severely debilitated his everyday mobility and as a Cardiac Rehab Personal Trainer, was not able to do much work.

Upon assessment it was noted that he could not fully extend the left leg, there was extreme tightness to the calf muscle and performing a lunge was extremely painful.

After WBC, there was instant pain relief and his physiotherapist noticed and significant reduction in both the swelling and tightness in calf muscle. The patient continued to have WBC followed by physiotherapy for a further 5 sessions resulting in complete recovery. While he used WBC for his left knee he also noticed that the pain in his right knee had gone and that he was able to go running with his clients for the first time in months.