Case study 3: Psoriasis male 42 yrs

The patient came to the clinic after reading about how WBC was used to treat Psoriasis in Poland. Having lived with the condition for over 13 years following a road traffic accident he had tried numerous ointments, creams and acupuncture and changed his diet in an effort to control the itchiness and very visible patches which he had on both elbows, knees, hands and feet. There had been little success other than slight control of the itchiness. After recently starting a new business the stress involved resulted in a dramatic flare up of his symptoms resulting in a renewed effort to try and find somewhere to receive WBC. This led him to BMI The Garden Hospital and the results have been outstanding.

After his first 3 minute session he went home and slept through the night for the first time in 17 years. After his third, upon observation the patches on his elbows and knees were very visibly less defined around edges and less scaly and red. The previous smaller patches on his feet had completely gone.

His Dermatology Life Quality Index score had reduced from 12 to 2 and his Psoriasis Disability Index had dropped from 17/45 to 2/45.

He expressed that he was feeling great thanks to getting full night’s sleep, his general mood and improved dramatically.